Soham Bhattacharjee

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— One of the traditional goals of networking has been to hide details of network topology from end users. As networks become larger and more heterogeneous, however, situations arise in which the ability to identify particular topological properties enables capabilities and performance that are difficult to achieve with a purely " black box " interface to(More)
— This paper presents a case study in implementing a moderately complex, useful service on an active network platform. The active application is reliable multicast with congestion control; the platform comprises the Bowman Node Operating System and the Composable Active Network Elements (CANEs) Execution Environment. The importance of the work stems from(More)
Block Compressed Sensed (BCS) images reconstructed by the Smoothed Projected Landweber (SPL) equations are severely degraded in visual quality. This work focuses on removal of the noise present in the BCS - SPL reconstructed image. For noise removal the nature of the noise is studied first. A suitable frequency domain filter to mitigate this noise is(More)
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