Soham Arnaud

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The Cosmos 1887 biosatellite carried 10 male rats and 2 rhesus monkeys on its 12.5-day mission. Upon re-entry the Vostok vehicle overshot the designated landing site, which resulted in fasting of the animals for 42 h, exposure to cage temperatures of 12-15 degrees C, and 2 days delay in death of the rats. No overt untoward effects of the delayed recovery(More)
Prevention of the immediate excitotoxic phase occurring in response to spinal cord injury (SCI) is a major issue to reduce the neuronal damage responsible for any ensuing motor deficits. The present study evaluated the neuroprotective efficacy of three noncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonists: Gacyclidine (GK-11), a new compound, Dizocilpine (MK-801), and(More)
In untrained subjects exercising on a cycle at constant work loads presented at a sub- or suprathreshold level, reduced M wave amplitude with lengthening of duration was measured in vastus lateralis muscle during and after suprathreshold exercise. M wave changes were correlated with increased blood lactate concentration. At the two work load levels, the(More)
among attenders of all low threshold facilities (LTFs) with needle exchange programmes and/or supervised drug consumption rooms for injection or inhalation in Switzerland. Data were collected in each LTF over five consecutive days, using a questionnaire that was partly completed by an interviewer and partly self administered. The questionnaire was(More)
Diffraction anomalous fine-structure (DAFS) spectroscopy uses resonant elastic X-rays scattering as an atomic, shell and site-selective probe that provides information on the electronic structure and the local atomic environment as well as on the long-range-ordered crystallographic structure. A DAFS experiment consists of measuring the Bragg peak(More)
To determine the effects of the relative inactivity and unloading on the strength of the tibias of monkeys, Macaca mulatta, we used a non-invasive test to measure bending stiffness, or EI (Nm2), a mechanical property. The technique was validated by comparisons of in vivo measurements with standard measures of EI in the same bones post-mortem (r2 = 0.95, P <(More)
Information about pointers is important when attempting to analyze and optimize code. Alias analysis (or points­to/pointer analysis) is a compiler technique used to determine where different pointers point to, and the information learned from alias analysis is critical for code optimization to happen both correctly and as aggressively as possible. Different(More)
Biochemical and bone morphometric measurements were evaluated in 12 patients who were on long-term anticonvulsant therapy with barbiturates. Half of the patients had no symptomatic bone disease, and half presented with bone disease and pain. Serum biochemical values were normal except for a few patients who had an elevated serum level of parathyroid(More)
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