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Implementation and Evaluation of a Social Media-Based Communication Strategy to Enhance Employee Engagement: Experiences From a Children's Hospital, Pakistan
The authors conclude that the strategy was successfully implemented to maintain active membership, engage employees in meaningful conversations, and have them express intent to execute quality improvement projects. Expand
Good Scholarship/Bad Scholarship: Consequences of the Heuristic of Intersectional Islamic Studies
In her article, “Islamic Legal Studies: A Critical Historiography,” published in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law, Ayesha Chaudhry criticizes the field of Islamic law, and Islamic studies moreExpand
Law and Politics under the Abbasids: An Intellectual Portrait of al-Juwayni
Abu Ma'ali al-Juwayni (d.478/1085) lived in a politically tumultuous period. The rise of powerful dynastic families forced the Abbasid Caliph into a position of titular power, and createdExpand
The Paradoxes of Codifying Islamic Criminal Law in the Maldives
Utilizing the codification of Islamic Criminal law in the Maldives, this article argues that the process of codifying Islamic law often ignores classical conceptualizations of Islamic criminal lawExpand
The Rise of Legal Uncertainty
Navigating Colonial Power: Challenging Precedents and the Limitation of Local Elites
In 1869, the British allowed Muslims to sit as judges on the High Court. This article explores the legal opinions of the first Muslim judge to be appointed to the High Court, Syed Mahmood. StraddlingExpand