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Review of Trademark and Its Enforcement Provisions under TRIPS
T rademark and its enforcement provisions are imbedded in Agreement on Trade Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) for promotion and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rightsExpand
In defense of the codification of the Islamic law of Hudud into the law of Pakistan
Islamic law has three types of punishments for criminal offences: fixed punishment, which is called Hudud, retaliation, which is called Qisas, and discretionary punishment, which is called Tazir.Expand
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Review of Trademark and Its Enforcement Procedures of Pakistan under TRIPS and Paris Convention
Enforcement of trademark law has been in evolution for decades in Pakistan. Pakistani laws dealing with trademark and its enforcement procedures are Trade Marks Ordinance 2001, Trade Marks RulesExpand
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Civil Procedure of Trademark Enforcement in Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis with Malaysia and USA
Civil procedure of trademark enforcement runs in Pakistan under Trade Marks Ordinance 2001, Code of Civil Procedure 1908 and Specific Relief Act 1877. Trademark is one of the components ofExpand
Islamic Law and Sustainable Development Goals
This study aims to analyze Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) prescribed by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) under Islamic Law. This paper is qualitative method of research analyzing SDGsExpand
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Enforcement of trademark law in Malaysia
Islamic Law and Trademark Protection
Protection of trademark in Islamic Law is covered under verses of Holy Quran and traditions of Prophet Muhammad SAW for promotion and protection of legitimate trade and services. Trademark is one ofExpand
Settlement of Disputes by Way of Arbitration in Pakistan
Arbitration is a method, through which, parties resolve their disputes; outside the court of law; by avoiding all types of technicalities of procedural law. It is one of the modes of AlternateExpand
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Trademark dispute settlement in Malaysia: A comparative analysis with the TRIPS and the Paris convention
Trademark is a mark, name, sign, smell or a sound, which distinguishes goods and services of one undertaking, from goods and services of other undertakings. Malaysia had the trademark ordinance 1950;Expand