Soha Sumanchandra Patel

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Donor safety has been scrutinized by both the medical community and the media. Variability exists in reported donor complications and associated risk factors are ill defined. Use of administrative data can overcome the bias of single-center studies and explore variables associated with untoward events. A retrospective cohort study identifying living liver(More)
BACKGROUND The medical profession has undergone a significant demographic change, with a dramatic increase in the number of women applying to medical school and practicing medicine. OBJECTIVES In recognition of the changing demographics in the medical profession, the American Medical Association's Women Physicians Congress (AMA-WPC) conducted a members'(More)
The role of obstructive sleep apnoea (oSa) in pregnancy is not well studied, but an increasing body of literature appears to indicate that there may be adverse maternal and foetal health effects of the disease. oSa is associated with a twofold risk of pre-eclampsia. The small size of the existing investigations still leave unanswered questions about the(More)
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