Sofya Suslova

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A stimulating effect of methylethyl(silatrane-I-ilmethyl)-sulphonium iodides, 1-(ethoxy)silatranes and 1-(chloromethyl)silatrane on the processes of rat test acetate ulcer healing is studied. Silatranes efficiency is not inferior to oxyferriscorbone and exceeds that of methacil. It is shown that all preparations inhibit the processes of lipids peroxidation(More)
Stimulating effect of I-ethoxy silatrane on healing of acetate derived stomach ulcer was studied in rats. The drug was shown to inhibit lipid peroxidation and free-radical oxidation in blood and gastric tissues as well as to accelerate reparation in ulcerous zone. I-Ethoxy silatrane interacted with artificial membranes and affected the respiration rate in(More)
Chlora l hydra te is a well-known sopor i f ic , ana lges ic , and an t i spasmodic substance [1]. I ts ace ta l s a l so pos se s s s ignif icant pha rmaco log ica l ac t iv i ty , and a r e l ess toxic than ch lora l hydrate [2-4]. In a fu r the r s e a r c h for pha rmaco log ica l subs tances among the de r iva t ives of ch lora l , we studied the(More)
i. G.B. Kruchenok, P. P~ Lyarskii, S. E. Gleiberman, at al., Gig. Sanit., No. ii, 29-33 (1983). 2. V.E. Limanov, A. E. Epshtein, E. K. Skvertsova, et al., in: Problems of Disinfection and Steril~zation [in Russian], No. 24, Moscow (1975), pp. 50-55. 3. A.E. Epshtein, Synthesis of Bactericidal Quaternary Ammonium Salts Containing Hydrophobic Radicals [in(More)
prolongation of the action of HC was demons t ra ted in [8]. This prolongation las ted 3-4 days. The authors cited in te rpre t this phenomenon as the effect of coincidence between the melt ing point of this mixture of l ipids and the t e m p e r a t u r e of inf lammation, namely 36~ Such an in te rpre ta t ion of the r e su l t s is evidently i n c o r r(More)
The discovery of ion selectivity in complex formation b y macromolecules led to the initiation and vigorous development of the chemistry of novel types of macroheterocyclic complexones [1-4]. The biological activity of macroheterocycles has however received little attention. There have been recent reports of high antibacterial activity in some(More)
Aroxyalkanecarboxylic acids of the type ArOC(RtR2)COOR and their derivatives are used in agriculture as herbicides and plant-growth stimulators [I], and in medicine as hypocholesterolemic, hypolipidemic, and antiarrhythmic agents [2, 3]; they also exhibit antitumor activity [4]. The biological properties of their sulfur analogs -the(More)
Dynamics of experimental acetate gastric ulcer healing and lipid peroxidation were studied in rat blood and gastric tissues after treatment with methyluracil. The drug was shown to stimulate reparation and to inhibit lipid peroxidation. The antiulcerogenous effects of methyluracil appear to involve the antioxidative mechanisms.
in recent years a new class of biologically active silicon compounds (siiatranes) has been attracting interest. Replacement of the silicon atom in a silatrane molecule by an atom, for example, of germanium leads to the formation of germatranes and frequently to a change in the effectiveness of the metaiioatranes [8]. Earlier we showed that various(More)