Sofoklis S. Makridis

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Thiswork presents a systematic approach for the optimal design and optimization ofmetal-hydridematerials and processes for efficiency hydrogen storage. Techniques for the synthesis and characterization of novelmetal-hydridematerials are presented in a view of designingmaterial to enhance storage efficiency. More specifically the synthesis of a composite(More)
In this work, TiFe-based alloys have been developed according to the stoichiometry Ti1-xAx Fe1-yBy (A [triple bond] Zr; B [triple bond] Mn, V). The hydrogen solubility properties have been investigated to develop dynamic hydrides of Ti-based alloys for hydrogen storage applications. The hydrogenation behavior of these alloys has been studied, and their(More)
Metal hydrides (MH) are often preferred to absorb and desorb hydrogen at ambient temperature and pressure with a high volumetric density. These hydrogen storage alloys create promising prospects for hydrogen storage and can solve the energetic and environmental issues. In the present research work, the goal of our studies is to find the influence of partial(More)
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