Sofien Gannouni

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Web services are loose-coupled, which allows developers to create, generate and compose them at runtime. But, single Web service isn't sufficient to achieve most of user demand in the current period. Therefore, composition of Web services is the appropriate solution and it's the best way to deal with various user requests. It has received a great attention(More)
The use of Web services as a standard technology facilitates seamless business-to-business (B2B) interaction and the process of integrating various systems and applications. It enables mass knowledge distribution by providing a standard way of exposing data sources and applications/systems as Web services. These services can be created/generated, updated,(More)
The Internet or distributed computing has evolved from a simple file sharing mechanism to data source sharing and dynamic services. This evolution has made data source sharing an urgent necessity at the present time. Therefore, we should benefit from distributed data sources that are spread across a network and address current data sharing challenges, which(More)
Integrating and accessing data stored in autonomous, distributed and heterogeneous data sources have been recognized as of a great importance to small and huge-scale businesses. Enhancing the accessibility and the reusability of these data entail the development of new approaches for data sharing. These approaches should satisfy a minimal set of criteria in(More)
The General Purpose GPU computational model changes the way parallel processing can be achieved. It is becoming more attractive to carry out parallel tasks on GPU devices. The sequential part of the application runs on the CPU whereas the computationally-intensive part is accelerated by the GPU. GPUs provide a multithreaded high level of parallelism with(More)