Sofie Van Parijs

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Automatic classification of fin, sei, and blue whale frequency modulated downsweeps has been a challenging task for bioacousticians. These calls overlap in frequency range and have similar time durations. The traditional spectrogram methodology, the Short Time Fourier Transform, tends to be ineffective because of the large temporal ambiguities needed to(More)
Humpback whales migrate between relatively unproductive tropical or temperate breeding grounds and productive high latitude feeding areas. However, not all individuals of a population undertake the annual migration to the breeding grounds; instead some are thought to remain on the feeding grounds year-round, presumably to avoid the energetic demands of(More)
Several groups of Sowerby's beaked whales (Mesoplodon bidens) were encountered on July 4, 2011, during a shipboard cetacean survey conducted off the eastern seaboard of the United States. Acoustic recordings were collected using a three-element towed hydrophone array. Many echolocation clicks were recorded during the encounter, but no tonal sounds were(More)
This project proposes a community standard for the representation of passive acoustic metadata along with a freely available software implementation. Our target audience is the marine mammal community, but the concepts are general and are applicable to a wide variety of taxa. In addition, we address the need to analyze acoustic metadata in the context of(More)
Passive acoustic monitoring is an important tool in marine mammal studies. However, logistics and finances frequently constrain the number and servicing schedules of acoustic recorders, requiring a trade-off between deployment periods and sampling continuity, i.e., the implementation of a subsampling scheme. Optimizing such schemes to each project's(More)
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