Sofie M. Van Parijs

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Acoustic masking from anthropogenic noise is increasingly being considered as a threat to marine mammals, particularly low-frequency specialists such as baleen whales. Low-frequency ocean noise has increased in recent decades, often in habitats with seasonally resident populations of marine mammals, raising concerns that noise chronically influences life(More)
Previous studies of the distribution and activity of male harbour seals, Phoca vitulina, based on telemetric techniques have shown that males restrict their range at the onset of the mating season and perform vocal and dive displays. While these data illustrated broad changes in male behaviour and distribution, they were not precise enough to reveal the(More)
In 2006, we used the U.S. Coast Guard’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) to describe patterns of large commercial ship traffic within a U.S. National Marine Sanctuary located off the coast of Massachusetts. We found that 541 large commercial vessels transited the greater sanctuary 3413 times during the year. Cargo ships, tankers, and tug/tows(More)
This chapter will provide a review of the acoustic behaviour of polar pinnipeds. It will also present a detailed update of new and emerging passive acoustic technologies and how these can further the study of behaviour for polar marine mammals. Both Arctic and Antarctic pinnipeds are known to exhibit a range of adaptations which enable them to survive and(More)
Individually stereotyped vocalizations often play an important role in relocation of offspring in gregarious breeders. In phocids, mothers often alternate between foraging at sea and attending their pup. Pup calls are individually distinctive in various phocid species. However, experimental evidence for maternal recognition is rare. In this study, we(More)
We aim to investigate advancing the state of the art of detection, classification and localization (DCL) in the field of bioacoustics. The two primary goals are to develop transferable technologies for detection and classification in: (1) the area of advanced algorithms, such as deep learning and other methods; and (2) advanced systems, capable of real-time(More)