Sofie L Hamers

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OBJECTIVES To define the cumulative risk of central nervous system (CNS) relapse in systemic non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL); to assess the risk factors of age, sex, malignancy grade, stage, localization, and response to initial therapy; and to evaluate the effect of CNS prophylaxis. PATIENTS AND METHODS An unselected group of 532 patients with systemic NHL. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an infant stool scale describing consistency, amount, and color and test its usefulness by assessing the differences between term and preterm infants, between breastfed and formula fed infants and examining interobserver and intraobserver variability. STUDY DESIGN Information about gestational age, postnatal age, and feeding type was(More)
On the day of the scheduled embryo transfer, endometrial biopsies were taken from 53 patients of an IVF-programme. There was subsequent failure of fertilisation in all of these patients. The histologic pattern, compared with reflectivity and thickness of the endometrium was determined sonographically on the same day. All patients had been stimulated with(More)
The imaging performance of a recently developed digital flat-panel detector system was compared with conventional screen-film imaging in an observer preference study. In total, 34 image pairs of various regions of the skeleton were obtained in 24 patients; 30 image pairs were included in the study. The conventional images were acquired with 250- and(More)
BACKGROUND First passage of stool after birth, meconium, is delayed in preterm infants compared to term infants. The difference in duration of meconium passage until transition to normal stools has however never been assessed in preterm and term infants. HYPOTHESIS Preterm infants have prolonged duration of passage of meconium (PoM) compared to term(More)
Neonatal rat heart cell cultures are popular research models in cardiovascular investigations. A major disadvantage is the variable contribution of non-muscle cells to the cultures. As biochemical and pharmacological quantities are generally measured in homogenised cultures, we looked for a method to calculate numbers of muscle cells and non-muscle cells(More)
November 1998 2 medicamundi X-ray examinations of the skeleton are, after chest exposures, the most frequently performed type of radiological examination, representing about 30 % of the total. With a few exceptions, projection radiography forms the basis for the diagnosis of skeletal disorders and, in most cases, provides the information for the definitive(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM New prospective studies concerning feeding and bowel habits of term and preterm infants from birth to 24 months of life are needed. The aim of the present study was to describe and compare feeding and bowel habits between term- and preterm-born infants starting from birth up to the age of 24 months. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between August(More)
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