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— Applying real time applications with deadline guarantee for Ad Hoc network seems to be a difficult challenge and to be an impossibility in general. This is due to the features of such networks. However, if we make an assumption on node mobility, traffics and reliability with predictable features, we can get real time guarantee. That is the goal of our(More)
The Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) particularly for real time applications raise fundamental problems for the scientific community. These problems are related to the limit of energy resource and the real time constraints on the communication delay. The well functioning of such networks depends mainly on the network lifetime result of nodes energies and the(More)
A new kind of critical applications, using Mobile Ad hoc networks, has appeared. These applications such as vehicular or robotic ones are called Hard Real Time Applications. Their major requirement is to respect the real time constraints especially the deadlines on the treatment and the communication delay. However, providing real-time communication, with(More)