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Millimeter-wave Distributed Active Transformer (DAT), baluns and zero degree 1-4 splitter have been optimized to design a 60 GHz parallel Power Amplifier (PA). The implementation is based on a thin digital 7 metal layers (1P7M) Back End of Line (BEOL) and Low Power (LP) transistors in 65 nm CMOS technology from STMicroelectronics. A lumped model based(More)
The analysis and optimization of millimeter-wave coupling structures are detailed to design a high-performance <i>V</i>-band 65-nm CMOS parallel power amplifier (PA). The difficulty in this design consists of the use of a thin digital seven metal layer, back end of line, and low-power transistors dedicated to pure digital applications. In this context, two(More)
Design and optimization of 65nm CMOS passive devices which are used in the implementation of a 60GHz Power Amplifier (PA) are presented. The targeted application is the low cost Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). A new optimized Radio Frequency (RF)-pad is used to minimize the losses of the PA access. The PA is matched via balun and Transmission Lines(More)
—A 65nm CMOS, 60GHz fully integrated power amplifier (PA) from STMicroelectronics has been designed for low cost Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). It has been optimized to deliver the maximum linear output power (OCP1) without using parallel amplification topology. The simulated OCP1 is equal to 8.9 dBm with a gain of 8dB. To obtain good performances(More)
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