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In this paper we present a metaphor of an Imaginary Friend that walks along with the user. Due to a special bond with the user, the Imaginary Friend can see the emotions that the human companion is feeling glowing around her. As the user moves around she leaves behind emotion cookies that the Imaginary Friend will collect and treasure. In order to enable(More)
A fractionation method was used to extract phenolic compounds from apple pomace (AP) involving a first extraction with water and subsequent extractions of the same residue with two different organic solvents. The water extracts obtained contained high amounts of phenolic compounds with high antioxidant capacity. However, the second and third extractions of(More)
Recently, the use of mobile search among co-located groups to satisfy casual, shared information needs has grown in popularity. In this paper we describe a proof-of-concept research prototype, which is designed to enhance such social experiences by providing an easy means of interacting with and sharing mobile Web content among co-located groups. We present(More)
Therapies based on serious games are gaining a lot of interest by the healthcare community. The efficiency of this approach is demonstrated by several studies and many projects. This paper presents the project Super-Fon, which is focused on a serious game developed as a mobile application to support speech therapeutic intervention in the phonological(More)
Casual and pervasive games are difficult to merge. It would be interesting to bring the advantages of pervasive play to the mass market to which casual games are designed for. In this article, a merge of pervasive and casual is proposed through the influence of real weather in the games. A framework that integrates a Weather Module, which retrieves and(More)
The mobile search space has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. As a result there has been a growing body of research aimed at understanding why and how mobile users search the Web via their handsets and how their mobile search experiences could be improved. However, much of this work has focused on addressing the many challenges of the mobile(More)
This paper presents a case study regarding the usability evaluation of navigation tasks by people with intellectual disabilities. The aim was to investigate the factors affecting usability, by comparing their user-Web interactions and underline the difficulties observed. For that purpose, two distinct study phases were performed: the first consisted in(More)