Sofia Pavlidou

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Sixteen kinds of different granites, used as building materials, imported to Greece mainly from Spain and Brazil, were sampled and their natural radioactivity was measured by gamma-ray spectrometry. The activity concentrations of (238)U, (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K of granites are presented and compared to those of other building materials as well as other(More)
An analysis was carried out to determine the presence of enteroviruses and adenoviruses in public swimming pools in Cyprus. The effectiveness of the commonly implemented disinfection procedure of chlorination was confirmed by determination of bacteriological markers. Analysis of viral presence was carried out by sampling random swimming pools from the five(More)
In this research, the microbiological and physicochemical changes during preservation of pears in water in the presence of Sinapis arvensis seeds (PWS FL) according to the traditional Greek home food manufacture were studied. Pears preserved in water served as control (PW FL). The growth of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) coming from the pear surface was(More)
AIM In order to establish a new risk categorization system for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, we analyzed a large database including more than 50% of all breast cancer cases nationwide. PATIENTS AND METHODS From a database of 39,570 primary breast cancer cases, 648 patients with TNBC were treated with neoadjuvant(More)
(1) INRA EMOA, 51687 Reims, France; (2) TNO-Nutrition and Food Research Institute, 3700 AJ 9 Zeist, Netherlands; (3) Sealed Air Corporation Cryovac Division, 20017 Passirana di Rho, Italy; (4) Laboratory of Polymer Technology, National Technical University of Athens, 15780 Athens, Greece; (5) Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Bromatology Department, The(More)
Functional barriers are multilayer structures deemed to prevent migration of some chemicals released by food-contact materials into food. In the area of plastics packaging, different migration behaviours of mono- and multilayer structures are assessed in terms of lag time and of their influence of the solubility of the migrants in food simulants. Whereas(More)
Seventy-six lactococci isolates from 2 protected designation of origin (PDO) cheeses were studied for their acidification ability, proteolytic activity, and inhibitory activities as well as their intraspecies characterization by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR). Fifty-two of them were characterized as Lactococcus(More)
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