Sofia Panagiotidou

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This paper presents a new model for the economic optimization of a process operation where two assignable causes may occur, one affecting the mean and the other the variance. The process may thus operate in statistical control, under the effect of either one of the assignable causes or under the effect of both assignable causes. The model employed uses the(More)
BACKGROUND The subchondral trabecular bone is located deep inside the articular cartilage, with the subcapital region carrying up to 70% of the diurnal loads occurring in the hip joint. This leads to severe regional anatomical variations of subchondral trabecular bone in the femoral head and the purpose of this study was to examine whether osteoarthritis(More)
We examine a reverse supply chain consisting of a collection site, where consumers return used products, and a remanufacturing facility. Some of the returned products are transported to the remanufacturing facility in order to be remanufactured and used to satisfy the stochastic demand for remanufactured products. The quality of returns is characterized by(More)