Sofia Kyratzi

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Sketching continues to be a vital part of methods and technologies related to Concept Development, including those analyzed in this paper: “concept design with constraints”, “solid from sketch”, “sketching on a point cloud” and “geometric modeling of design constraints”. Existing methods are analyzed and critical subproblems are identified. New solution(More)
An intermediate step in the construction of a polyhedron from a partial-view sketch is the derivation of a realizable wireframe sketch, i.e., a complete sketch which is guaranteed to be the projection of a polyhedron. This paper presents a robust realizability-test based on the classical “cross-section criterion” that was developed in a geometric(More)
Interior space design is a collaborative process for deriving different proposals on the content and structure of any type of interior space. This process is partially supported by mainstream CAD systems which are not designed for that particular task but for general engineeringor architectural-design development. Although, several add-on modules have been(More)
This paper introduces an optimization strategy for evaluating the realizability of a 2D wireframe sketch that conveys geometric and topological information about a 3D solid model. Applying the cross-section realizability criterion, one is able to assert whether a wireframe sketch is a true orthogonal projection of a 3D-solid. In this work, we first review(More)
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