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Assessment of the reliability of microarray experiments as well as their cross-laboratory/platform reproducibility rise as the major need. A critical challenge concerns the design of optimal Universal Reference RNA (URR) samples in order to maximize detectable spots in two-color/channel microarray experiments, decrease the variability of microarray data,(More)
Regulated proteolysis is known to control a variety of vital processes in apicomplexan parasites including invasion and egress of host cells. Serine proteases have been proposed as targets for drug development based upon inhibitor studies that show parasite attenuation and transmission blockage. Genetic studies suggest that serine proteases, such as(More)
The choice of a reference material in two-colour microarray experiments is an important issue of the experimental design. We consider a number of cell lines derived from a variety of primary tissues in order to construct a reference material. The aim of the present study is to understand the correlation structure of the data and develop a common reference(More)
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