Sofia G. Verstraete

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Breastfeeding has been found to have a protective effect on subsequent development of obesity in childhood, particularly in white, non-Hispanic populations. The protective effect of nursing for more than 12 months in children of Latina women is less clear, which may be due to differences in levels of acculturation in previously studied populations. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether individual obesity risk factors, present during gestation, and the first 6 months of life, can be combined into a simple prognostic model that has the ability to accurately predict childhood obesity at age 5 years in a high-risk cohort. STUDY DESIGN A total of 201 Latina women were recruited during pregnancy, and their infants(More)
BACKGROUND Excess energy intake from meals consumed away from home is implicated as a major contributor to obesity, and ∼50% of US restaurants are individual or small-chain (non-chain) establishments that do not provide nutrition information. OBJECTIVE To measure the energy content of frequently ordered meals in non-chain restaurants in three US(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to investigate the value of microscopic findings in the classification of pediatric Crohn disease (CD) by determining whether classification of disease changes significantly with inclusion of histologic findings. METHODS Sixty patients were randomly selected from a cohort of patients studied at the Pediatric(More)
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