Sofia G. Antunes

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Segmentation of echocardiographic images presents a great challenge because these images contain strong speckle noise and artifacts. Besides, most ultrasound segmentation methods are semi-automatic, requiring initial contour to be manually identified in the images. In this work, we propose an algorithm based on the phase symmetry approach and level set(More)
We present a novel approach for the automatic segmentation of the right ventricle in CT images. We use a level set with a new multi-scale edge stopping function based on spatial oriented filters. This stopping function reduces false edge detection and over-segmentation. The segmentation method was evaluated over 18 CT image studies from healthy and(More)
Extraction of the cardiac surfaces of interest from multi-detector computed tomographic (MDCT) data is a pre-requisite step for cardiac analysis, as well as for image guidance procedures. Most of the existing methods need manual corrections, which is time-consuming. We present a fully automatic segmentation technique for the extraction of the right(More)
The purpose of this work was to compare an image-based parametric myocardium mesh automatically segmented from multidetector computed tomographic (MDCT) volumes with the findings of electro-anatomic maps (EAM) constructed previously to radiofrequency ablation (RFa) procedures. The myocardium mesh presents distance information about myocardial thickness, as(More)
  • Teresa Cristina Alves, De Matos, Uri Presidente, Cristina ª Maria, Viana Sales, Sernadas Serôdio +15 others
  • 2012
Acknowledgements First of all, I would like to thank to Professor Jõ ao Rasga for all his patience and availability while I was developing the work presented on this thesis. I do not think this thesis would have been possible without the many briefings I have had with Professor Jõ ao Rasga in the last months. Besides him, I must not forget to acknowledge(More)
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