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Pediatric access to dermatologists: Medicaid versus private insurance.
BACKGROUND There is disparity in access to outpatient care for Medicaid beneficiaries. This inequity disproportionately impacts children. Access for children with skin disease may be especiallyExpand
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Inducible antisense RNA targeting amino acid transporter ATB0/ASCT2 elicits apoptosis in human hepatoma cells.
Amino acid transporter B(0)/ASC transporter 2 (ATB(0)/ASCT2) is responsible for most glutamine uptake in human hepatoma cells. Because this transporter is not expressed in normal hepatocytes, weExpand
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Boneloc bone-cement: experience in hip arthroplasty during a 3-year period.
Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) bone-cement was introduced in the 1960s for fixation of total hip arthroplasty replacement components. Long-term results of cement fixation for hip and kneeExpand
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Improving nonattendance rates among pediatric patients with Medicaid or private insurance.
BACKGROUND Access to dermatologists is low among Medicaid-insured patients. Higher clinic nonattendance among Medicaid-insured patients might affect provider decisions to accept these patients. Expand
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Drug Induced Autoimmunity Related Neutrophilic Dermatosis by Calcium Channel Blockers
Autoimmunity Related Neutrophilic Dermatoses (ARND) is a recently described entity characterized by urticarial papules and plaques with histology showing a neutrophilic perivascular and interstitialExpand
Reticulated lesion as an early diagnostic sign for giant cell arteritis.
We report a case of giant cell arteritis (GCA) in an elderly woman. The patient presented to her dermatologist with a reticulated, purpuric patch on her frontal-temporal scalp and forehead that wasExpand
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