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A new generation of applications offers insight into the Semantic Web's current and future challenges—as well as the opportunities it might provide for users and developers alike. A lthough research on integrating semantics with the Web started almost as soon as the Web was in place, a concrete Semantic Web—that is, a large-scale collection of distributed(More)
Understanding and forecasting the health of an online community is of great value to its owners and managers who have vested interests in its longevity and success. Nevertheless, the association between community evolution and the behavioural patterns and trends of its members is not clearly understood, which hinders our ability of making accurate(More)
Online communities provide a useful environment for web users to communicate and interact with other users by sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions, and for resolving problems and issues. Companies and organisations now host online communities in order to support their products and services. Given this investment such communities are required to remain(More)
Watson is a gateway to the Semantic Web: it collects, analyzes and gives access to ontologies and semantic data available online with the objective of supporting their dynamic exploitation by semantic applications. We report on the analysis of 25 500 ontologies and semantic documents collected by Watson, giving an account about the way semantic technologies(More)
The increased availability of online knowledge has led to the design of several algorithms that solve a variety of tasks by harvesting the Semantic Web, i.e., by dynamically selecting and exploring a multitude of online ontologies. Our hypothesis is that the performance of such novel algorithms implicitly provides an insight into the quality of the used(More)
Thanks to the huge efforts deployed in the community for creating, building and generating semantic information for the Semantic Web, large amounts of machine processable knowledge are now openly available. Watson is an infrastructure component for the Semantic Web, a gateway that provides the necessary functions to support applications in using the(More)
Social Web platforms are quickly becoming the natural place for people to engage in discussing current events, topics, and policies. Analysing such discussions is of high value to analysts who are interested in assessing up-to-the-minute public opinion, consensus, and trends. However , we have a limited understanding of how content and user features can(More)
—Attention economics is a vital component of the Social Web, where the sheer magnitude and rate at which social data is published forces web users to decide on what content to focus their attention on. By predicting popular posts on the Social Web, that contain lengthy discussions and debates, analysts can focus their attention more effectively on content(More)