Sofía Serrano

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Tumor infiltrating (TIL) and peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) were isolated from 18 patients with non-small cell lung cancer undergoing radical surgery. Surface marker analysis revealed that TILs and PBLs mainly consisted of CD3+ T cells and that TILs generally displayed a lower CD4/CD8 ratio. Differences were found in the expression of CD25 (IL-2(More)
Four patients with various endocrine deficiencies of a predominantly hypothalamic nature are described, in whom computed topographic scans demonstrated pituitary stalk enlargement. In one, a disseminated papular skin eruption with regional pleomorphism and spontaneous regression appeared 4 years after the development of the initial symptoms of diabetes(More)
The purpose of this inquiry is to try to attain a common opinion between European Thoracic Surgeons and Chest Physicians about the examinations which are mandatory or not mandatory but useful before to put the indication to lung cancer resection. The examinations proposed are divided from functional point of view and from oncological as well as technical(More)