Sofía Lorenzo

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BACKGROUND The number of allergic reactions to A. simplex reported in Spain has increased dramatically in the last decade. Nevertheless, there have been no studies of the prevalence of and possible risk factors for IgE sensitization to this parasite, possibly because suitably specific diagnostic methods have only recently become available. The objective was(More)
BACKGROUND Serodiagnosis of anisakiosis and Anisakis allergy is difficult since many Anisakis antigens show cross-reactivity complications. In the present study, we assess the usefulness of the major immunologic methods currently available for the diagnosis of Anisakis allergy. METHODS Four tests (skin prick test, CAP-FEIA system, Western blotting, and an(More)
BACKGROUND Anisakis simplex is a seafood-borne parasite that may both infect humans and cause allergy. Serodiagnosis of anisakiasis and allergy caused by this nematode is difficult since most Anisakis antigens show cross-reactivity problems. OBJECTIVE To analyse the possible role of sugar epitopes contained in Anisakis simplex antigens as causes of(More)
BACKGROUND Anisakis simplex is a medically important pathogen which not only causes anisakiasis but may provoke allergy reactions, ranging from mild urticaria to anaphylactic shock. OBJECTIVE To investigate anti-Anisakis isotype profiles in anisakiasis and Anisakis allergy patients. METHODS Capture ELISA techniques were used to investigate the isotype(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES It has been suggested that high doses of statins can be more effective in reducing the incidence of new cardiovascular events than conventional doses. The present study analyzed the effect of increasing the atorvastatin dose to 80 mg/day on indices of inflammation (C-reactive protein or CRP), thrombogenesis (prothrombin fragment(More)
Botulinum toxin has a wide range of use in maxillo-facial surgery due to its action on muscles, on the glandular system, and against pain. It already has been given several market authorizations as indicated for: blepharospasm, spasmodic stiff neck, and glabellar lines. Furthermore, several studies are ongoing to prove its effectiveness and usefulness for(More)
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