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Role of σ,π-Digold(I) Alkyne Complexes in Reactions of Enynes
Theoretical studies provide a rationale for the much lower reactivity of digold species in reactions of enynes.
Total Synthesis of Repraesentin F and Configuration Reassignment by a Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization Cascade.
The first total synthesis of repraesentin F has been accomplished by a highly diastereoselective gold(I)-catalyzed cyclization cascade as the key step with direct access to the atypical tricyclic carbon skeleton of the natural product with the required syn/ anti/ syn ring fusion.
Towards the Ideal Synthesis of Homoallylic Ketones
The group of Nolan has pushed this method towards its limits by reducing the amount of gold(I) catalyst by an order of magnitude and by conducting the reaction in the absence of solvent, using a 1:3 alkyne to allyl alcohol ratio.
Synthesis of Barbaralones and Bullvalenes Made Easy by Gold Catalysis
Abstract The gold(I)‐catalyzed oxidative cyclization of 7‐ethynyl‐1,3,5‐cycloheptatrienes gives 1‐substituted barbaralones in a general manner, which simplifies the access to other fluxional
Synthesis of Bullvalenes: Classical Approaches and Recent Developments
The goal of this short review is to provide an overview of the different synthetic methodologies applied along the years for the synthesis of bullvalenes, prototypical fluxional molecules that were