Sofía Carlos

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The role of technical specifications and maintenance (TSM) activities at nuclear power plants (NPP) aims to increase reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) of Safety-Related Equipment, which, in turn, must yield to an improved level of plant safety. However, more resources (e.g. costs, task force, etc.) have to be assigned in above areas to(More)
Many industrial sectors are concerned on developing optimal maintenance planning because of the importance of maintenance on the economy and safety. Traditionally, the maintenance planning is formulated in terms of a multi-objective optimization problem where reliability, availability, maintainability and cost act as decision criteria and surveillance test(More)
Safety ðSÞ improvement of industrial installations leans on the optimal allocation of designs that use more reliable equipment and testing and maintenance activities to assure a high level of reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) for their safety-related systems. However, this also requires assigning a certain amount of resources ðCÞ that are(More)
A specific feature of wind power generation is the stochastic behavior of wind velocity what determines the energy produced, and also influences the turbine degradation process due to the stochastic load suffered by the wind turbine. Thus, wind turbines present a degradation process more complex than the equipment that work under stationary conditions.The(More)