Sofía Angeletti

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We report the cDNA cloning and characterization of GTT1/StarD7, a novel gestational trophoblastic tumour gene, initially identified by its up-regulated expression in the choriocarcinoma JEG-3 cell line with respect to their nonmalignant counterpart, complete hydatidiform mole and normal trophoblastic tissue. Using the differential display fragment as a(More)
The StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain is defined as a motif of around 200 amino acids implicated in lipid/sterol binding. In a previous study, we identified the StarD7 transcript encoding one of the 15 family members with START domain present in the human genome. This transcript was found to be overexpressed in choriocarcinoma JEG-3 cells. In(More)
StarD7 gene encodes a protein that belongs to the StAR-related lipid transfer proteins involved in intracellular transport and metabolism of lipids. It has been previously documented that StarD7 has a wide-spread mRNA expression in trophoblastic tissues and several tumour cell lines with highest levels in both choriocarcinoma JEG-3 and JAR cells,(More)
StarD7 protein forms stable Gibbs and Langmuir monolayers at the air-buffer interface showing marked surface activity. The latter is enhanced by penetration into phospholipid films at an initial surface pressure above the protein's own equilibrium adsorption surface pressure to a lipid-free interface. The protein-phospholipid stabilizing interactions at the(More)
The steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein-related lipid transfer (START) domain proteins constitute a family of evolutionarily conserved and widely expressed proteins that have been implicated in lipid transport, metabolism, and signaling. The 15 well-characterized mammalian START domain-containing proteins are grouped into six subfamilies. The(More)
In an attempt to assess the molecular basis of phenotypic alterations present in the gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTDs) and to identify genes whose expression is specifically associated to these placental proliferative disorders we performed differential display techniques. Initially 19 candidate gene fragments were identified and differential(More)
Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein-related lipid transfer domain containing 7 (StarD7) is a poorly characterized member of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein-related lipid transfer proteins, up-regulated in JEG-3 cells, involved in intracellular transport and metabolism of lipids. Previous studies dealing with the mechanisms underlying the human(More)
StarD7 is a surface active protein, structurally related with the START lipid transport family. So, the present work was aimed at elucidating a potential mechanism of action for StarD7 that could be related to its interaction with a lipid-membrane interface. We applied an assay based on the fluorescence de-quenching of BD-HPC-labeled DMPC-DMPS 4:1 mol/mol(More)
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