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Nutritive evaluation of ammoniated Benggala grass and fermented sago waste.
Ruminant feed processing technology is really needed in an attempt to increase the quality of Benggala (Panicum maximum) grass and other waste products. One of new local feed resources in NorthExpand
A comparison of ten rice-straw varieties grown at two different altitudes during a wet and a dry season, using the in vitro cumulative gas production technique
In vitro cumulative gas production was used to evaluate a series of rice straws for their fermentability. The straws comprised ten different varieties which had been grown at two locations (higherExpand
Effects Level of Urea in Urea Molasses Block on Daily Weight Gain of Goat Fed with Native Grass
In general, tropical grasses have low crude protein, Ca and P. For feeding the growing ruminant supplementation is needed. Urea molasses block (UMB) was used in this experiment. Sixteen male goats ofExpand
The Effect Fermentation of Local Agroindustry Waste Using Cellulolytic Bacteria Cellulomonas on Nutrient Content as Feed Stuff
This study aimed to evaluate fermentation of local agro-industry waste to produce CSCF as alternative feedstuff nutritious and palatable for rabbit. Experimental research method that uses aExpand
Nutritive value of straw, with special reference to wet-season rice straw as related to variety and location of growth in East-Java, Indonesia.
Variation in nutritive quality between morphological components is less for rice straw than for wheat straw. Wheat straw stems have a lower quality than stems of rice straw, while leaves and leafExpand