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This new instrument to evaluate anxiety, the F.A.R.D. (Ferreri anxiety rating diagram - 1987) has been conceived to appreciate the repercussions of anxiety on the activity of the subject. It realizes a special image of anxiety. It has been studied, by both psychiatrists and general practitioners in 320 patients included on generalised anxiety disorders(More)
The complexity of the anxious disease does not facilitate the clinical approach. That the reason why the authors have developed a rating scale based on a descriptive symptomatology to find out a diagnosis, to rate the severity of illness and to facilitate the pharmaceutical prescription. To develop a skill needed by general practitioners as well as(More)
Citizenship: A contested notion Rights and obligations The emergence of post-national forms of citizenship? Towards cosmopolitan citizenship Education as a process of civic and political socialization Citizenship education: A continuum of possible approaches The political dimension of citizenship education Integrating global 'civic megatrends' into(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, requests for rabies immunoglobulin have increased at Amsterdam's Academic Medical Center's travel clinic. Travellers who received rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) before travel departure have immunological memory that can quickly be activated by timely booster vaccinations after possible exposure to rabies. PrEP alleviates(More)
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