Sobhan Yassipour Tehrani

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This case study is a transformation from financial transaction data expressed in FIXML XML format, into class definitions in Java, C# and C++. It is based on an industrial application of MDD in finance, and aims to support rapid upgrading of user software when new or extended FIXML definitions become available. The transformation involves text-to-model,(More)
Since 2012 we have been teaching agile development and model-based development (MBD) in undergraduate courses at King's College London. In this paper we analyse the results of practical course-works in agile MBD, taken from 2013-14 and 2014-15. We identify the factors which have contributed to the success or failure of students to apply theoretical(More)
This paper describes a solution to the Movie Database case using UML-RSDS. The solution specification is declarative and logically clear, whilst the implementation (in Java) is of practical efficiency. 1 Solution definition as a UML-RSDS specification UML-RSDS [1] is a hybrid MT language which uses UML notations to specify transformations: source and target(More)
This paper provides a solution to the TTC 2014 FIXML study case. The case requires the implementation of a straightforward mapping from XML messages in the FIXML format to a set of source files implementing the schema of such a message and, optionally, an instantiation with the data from the message. There is a requirement for producing code in a range of(More)
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