Soami Prakash

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Variants of the FTO (fat mass and obesity associated) gene are associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes in white Europeans, but these associations are not consistent in Asians. A recent study in Asian Indian Sikhs showed an association with type 2 diabetes that did not seem to be mediated through BMI. We studied the association of FTO variants with type(More)
Observations on morphological characters of milk and permanent teeth, based on 648 pairs of dental casts of 356 male and 292 female Jat children of Haryana (India) are reported. Deciduous teeth show high frequencies of bilateral winging of maxillary central incisor, Carabelli's cusp of maxillary second molar, and deflecting wrinkle of mandibular second(More)
Health providers examining children of short stature should assess adequacy of growth, determine growth rate, and predict final height with treatment. They can use established standards of growth to compare the child's height with that of other children of the same age to assess growth normalcy. If the child's height is lower than the 3rd/5th percentiles,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate whether variations in the glycoprotein 2 gene (GP2) may potentially affect the risk of chronic pancreatitis. METHODS Six hundred sixty-one French white patients (idiopathic chronic pancreatitis, n = 590; familial chronic pancreatitis, n = 42; hereditary pancreatitis, n = 29), 445 Dravidian patients from(More)
Using the status-quo method and Probit analysis, the median age at menarche of Sri Lankan Tamil girls (N = 333) from a middle socio-economic group was estimated as 13.78 +/- 0.07 years with a standard deviation of 1.01 years. This is about one year later than the median for the urban and about six months earlier than the median for the rural girls of Sri(More)
Tempo-unconditional 1-year bone maturity score velocities in well-off 6-16 year-old North-west Indian children from Chandigarh (245 boys and 238 girls) are presented for the first time using the TW2 system. Rater's replicability/comparability was high. The peak RUS bone maturity score velocity is reached at 13 years in girls and at 15 years in boys,(More)
Attained mean heights of well-off North-west Indian children showed close parity with British children up to 12 years in girls and 14 years in boys. Thereafter their attained means become less, resulting in shorter mean adult stature. Comparison of the tempo-unconditional single 1-year velocities of height showed that the total adolescent gain in both the(More)
This paper reports attained means and tempo unconditional 1-year velocities of sitting height, subischial leg length and weight of well-off northwestern Indians based on two time measurements taken by the same measurer. A 3-year difference is observed in reaching the peak sitting height velocity between girls (11 years) and boys (14 years) as in their peak(More)
Little published material is available on physical growth in any Sri Lankan population. This paper reports attained mean heights and weights of middle class Tamil children from Jaffna, based on single occasion measurements of 358 boys and 517 girls ranging in age between 6 and 17 years. The cross-sectional height and weight data of both boys and girls show(More)
Attained means and standard deviations of the mid-upper arm fat cross-sectional area (CSA) and M + B (lean) CSA estimated from the arm circumference and the triceps and biceps skinfolds are presented for 327 girls and 341 boys 6-16 years of age. Tempo unconditional 1-year velocities of the two components were also calculated based on repeated measurements(More)