Soad Ghabeshi

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BACKGROUND More than two billion people have been exposed to hepatitis B virus (HBV) worldwide. Furthermore, four hundred million of them are infected with chronic HBV infection. The predominant mutation of the precore region involves a G to A change at nucleotide1896, which creates a premature stop codon at codon 28. Two mutations of A1762T and G1764A are(More)
Mutations in the core promoter and precore regions of HBV cause down-regulation of HBeAg. These mutations are associated with chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (HCC). This study was carried out to sequence analysis of HBV core gene in HBsAg- positive blood donors in Iran. A total of 50 HBsAg- positive blood donor samples were(More)
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