So-ichi Morita

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A performance of very low-cost 180 nm BiCMOS Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT) technology in wireless communication frequency band is analyzed. A down-converting mixer and divide-by-2 static frequency divider, fabricated using two different HCBT transistors are presented. The higher breakdown-voltage HCBT (3 additional lithography masks) has(More)
Design of cross-coupled voltage controlled oscillator in low-cost HCBT technology is presented. Beside the low-complexity front-end devices, only 2 metal layers are used and the passives are implemented in the available on-chip structures. Varactors are fabricated as pn-junctions by using the ion implantation from the technology. Symmetric inductors are(More)
The impact of the emitter polysilicon etching in Tetramethyl Ammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) on the characteristics of high-linearity mixers fabricated with the low-cost Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT) is analyzed. During emitter formation, the thick layer of α-Si is deposited over the whole wafer, which is then etched-back in the TMAH. The(More)
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