So Young Sohn

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A number of credit scoring models have been developed to evaluate credit risk of new loan applicants and existing loan customers, respectively. This study proposes a method to manage existing customers by using misclassification patterns of credit scoring model. We divide two groups of customers, the currently good and bad credit customers, into two(More)
Increasing amount of road traffic in 1990s has drawn much attention in Korea due to its influence on safety problems. Various types of data analyses are done in order to analyze the relationship between the severity of road traffic accident and driving environmental factors based on traffic accident records. Accurate results of such accident data analysis(More)
One of the major tasks of police stations is the management of local road traffic accidents. Proper prevention policy which reflects the local accident characteristics could immensely help individual police stations in decreasing various severity levels of road traffic accidents. In order to relate accident variation to local driving environmental(More)
This study was done based on screening test data accumulated from 1994 to 2001 for studying of risk factor related with liver disease and prediction model of liver disease. In the existing study related with liver, the main current is studying on liver cancer, not on liver disease, previous step into liver cancer. As a result of estimating prediction model(More)
Various classification algorithms became available due to a surge of interdisciplinary research interests in the areas of data mining and knowledge discovery. We develop a statistical meta-model which compares the classification performances of several algorithms in terms of data characteristics. This empirical model is expected to aid decision making(More)