So-Young Jeong

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In this paper, adaptive learning algorithms to obtain better generalization performance are proposed. We speci"cally designed cost terms for the additional functionality based on the "rst-and second-order derivatives of neural activation at hidden layers. In the course of training, these additional cost functions penalize the input-to-output mapping(More)
We present a dual-channel noise reduction method for small mobile devices. Our method incorporates phase difference between channels into the conventional MMSE spectral amplitude estimator. It is possible to suppress unwanted directional noise signals, whose incident direction is different from that of the target speech signal. Experimental results show(More)
In this paper, we present a SNR-adaptive soft mask filter for multi-channel noisy speech enhancement. Incorporating frame-by-frame spectral magnitude ratios into the time-frequency(T-F) mask filter framework, the adaptive filter can be designed robust to changing environments. Experimental results show that the proposed adaptive mask filter can effectively(More)
We present a novel noise power estimation method based on smoothed spectral minima tracking and subtractive blocking matrix for dual-channel speech enhancement. By combining spectral characteristics of the noisy mixture signals with spatial null beam-forming, noise over-and underestimation problem can be substantially mitigated. The proposed noise(More)
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