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It is well known that repeated injections of nicotine produce progressively larger increases in locomotor activity, an effect referred to as behavioral sensitization. This study was carried out to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying nicotine-induced behavioral sensitization using in vivo microdialysis and Fos-like immunohistochemistry (FLI). Rats(More)
Although mitochondrial dysfunction is intimately related to axonal degeneration following nerve injury, the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial swelling and its mechanistic relation to axonal degeneration are largely unknown. Previous studies have demonstrated that axonal degeneration in the injured peripheral nerves shows two morphologically distinct(More)
We have investigated the effects of continuous infusion of butorphanol on the modulation of GABA(A) receptor binding. Butorphanol was infused continuously into intracerebroventricle (ICV) at a constant rate of 26 nmol/microl/h for 3 days, and the withdrawal from opioid was rendered 7 h after the cessation of infusion. The GABA(A) receptor bindings in rat(More)
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