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BACKGROUND/AIMS With technical and instrumental advances, the endoscopic removal of bezoars is now more common than conventional surgical removal. We investigated the clinical outcomes in a patient cohort with gastrointestinal bezoars removed using different treatment modalities. METHODS Between June 1989 and March 2012, 93 patients with gastrointestinal(More)
The classical Tower of Hanoi puzzle, invented by the French mathemati-cianÉdourd Lucas in 1883, consists of 3 wooden pegs and n disks with pairwise different diameters. The n disks are initially stacked on a single peg in order of decreasing size, from the largest at the bottom to the smallest at the top. (See Figure 1.) The goal is to move the tower of(More)
In standard models of iterative thinking, there is a fixed rule hierarchy and every player chooses a fixed rule level. Nonequilibrium behavior emerges when some players do not perform enough thinking steps. Existing approaches however are inherently static. In this paper, we generalize models of iterative thinking to incorporate adaptive and sophisticated(More)
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) are widely used to treat hypercholesterolemia. Among the adverse effects associated with these drugs are statin-associated myopathies, ranging from asymptomatic elevation of serum creatine kinase to fatal rhabdomyolysis. Fluvastatin-induced fatal rhabdomyolysis has not been previously reported. We describe here a(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS We investigated the clinical outcomes according to the method of treatment in synchronous esophageal and gastric cancer. METHODS Synchronous esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and gastric adenocarcinoma were diagnosed in 79 patients between 1996 and 2010. We divided the patients into four groups according to treatment; Group 1 received(More)
In standard models of iterative thinking, players choose a fixed rule level from a fixed rule hierarchy. Nonequilibrium behavior emerges when players do not perform enough thinking steps. Existing approaches, however , are inherently static. This paper introduces a Bayesian level-k model, in which players perform Bayesian updating of their beliefs on(More)
W hen social influence plays a key role in the diffusion of new product, the value of a customer often goes beyond her own product purchase. We posit that a customer's value (CV) comes not only from her purchase value (PV) but also from her influence value (IV) (i.e., CV = PV + IV). Therefore, a customer's value can be far greater than her purchase value if(More)
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