Snorri Th. Sigurdsson

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We have recently sequenced the genome of a novel thermophilic bacteriophage designated as TS2126 that infects the thermophilic eubacterium Thermus scotoductus. One of the annotated open reading frames (ORFs) shows homology to T4 RNA ligase 1, an enzyme of great importance in molecular biology, owing to its ability to ligate single-stranded nucleic acids.(More)
The cocaine aptamer is a DNA molecule that binds cocaine at the junction of three helices. The bifunctional spectroscopic probe Ç was incorporated independently into three different positions of the aptamer and changes in structure and dynamics upon addition of the cocaine ligand were studied. Nucleoside Ç contains a rigid nitroxide spin label and can be(More)
Rigid spin-labeled nucleoside C, an analog of deoxycytidine that base-pairs with deoxyguanosine, was incorporated into DNA oligomers by chemical synthesis. Thermal denaturation experiments and circular dichroism (CD) measurements showed that C has a negligible effect on DNA duplex stability and conformation. Nucleoside C was incorporated into several(More)
Complexes of the HIV transactivation response element (TAR) RNA with the viral regulatory protein tat are of special interest due in particular to the plasticity of the RNA at this binding site and to the potential for therapeutic targeting of the interaction. We performed REDOR solid-state NMR experiments on lyophilized samples of a 29 nt HIV-1 TAR(More)
The influence of structural changes of an abasic site in duplex DNA on noncovalent and site-directed spin labeling (NC-SDSL) of the spin label ç were examined with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. The binding affinities of ç to sixteen different DNA duplexes containing all possible sequences immediately flanking the abasic site were(More)
We have used photo-crosslinking to investigate the structure and dynamics of four-way junction hairpin ribozyme constructs. Four phenylazide photo-crosslinkers were coupled to 2'-NH2-modified U+2 in the substrate and irradiated at different Mg2+ concentrations and temperatures. Consistent with the role of divalent metal ions in hairpin ribozyme folding, we(More)
Site-directed spin labeling and pulsed electron-electron double resonance (PELDOR or DEER) have previously been applied successfully to study the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids. Spin labeling nucleic acids at specific sites requires the covalent attachment of spin labels, which involves rather complicated and laborious chemical synthesis. Here, we(More)
Hammerhead ribozymes were transcribed from a dsDNA template containing four random nucleotides between stems II and III, which replace the naturally occurring GAA nucleotides. In vitro selection was used to select hammerhead ribozymes capable of in cis cleavage using denaturing polyacrylamide gels for the isolation of cleaving sequences. Self-cleaving(More)
Previously, we developed the deoxycytosine analog Ç (C-spin) as a bi-functional spectroscopic probe for the study of nucleic acid structure and dynamics using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and fluorescence spectroscopy. To understand the effect of Ç on nucleic acid structure, we undertook a detailed crystallographic analysis. A 1.7 Å resolution(More)
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