Snorre Farner

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A digital clarinet played by a human and timed by a metronome was used to record two playing control parameters, the breath control and the reed displacement, for 20 repeated performances. The regular behaviour of the parameters was extracted by averaging and the fluctuation was quantified by the standard deviation. It was concluded that the movement of the(More)
The harmonic balance method (HBM) was originally developed for finding periodic solutions of electronical and mechanical systems under a periodic force, but has been adapted to self-sustained musical instruments. Unlike time-domain methods, this frequency-domain method does not capture transients and so is not adapted for sound synthesis. However, its(More)
In concatenative synthesis the join cost function can be related to the probability of a perceived discontinuity at the join. Therefore it is important that the distance measures in the cost function correlate highly with human perceived discontinuities. In this paper the results of a listening test on joins in two Norwegian long vowels: /A:/ and /e:/, is(More)
Voice and expressivity transformation as well as text-to-speech synthesis with high degree of naturalness are now available. A set of tools permitting a large range of voices to be made from a single voice, whose speech may be produced from text and given a certain expressivity, is proposed. In the context of multiplayer video games, for instance, this(More)
IRCAM has a long experience in analysis, synthesis and transformation of voice. Natural voice transformations are of great interest for many applications and can be combine with text-to-speech system, leading to a powerful creation tool. We present research conducted at IRCAM on voice transformations for the last few years. Transformations can be achieved(More)
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