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This paper analyzes transparency of audit firms that audit financial statements of listed companies. Audit Act requires that all listed companies in Croatia must have their financial statements audited. In addition, the Act obliges auditing firms which carry out audits of public interest companies to prepare transparency reports and to publish them on their(More)
Risk management in this paper is focused on multivariate risk-return decision making assuming time-varying estimation. Empirical research in risk management showed that the static "mean-variance" methodology in portfolio optimization is very restrictive with unrealistic assumptions. The objective of this paper is estimation of time-varying portfolio stocks(More)
The aim of this paper is to explore the dynamics between human capital investments and company profitability measured by return on equity and profit margin ratios using panel data analysis over a five-year period. The research hypothesis assumes that more profitable companies have higher employee costs (human capital investment) and the opposite is also(More)
Abstract While extant research on the impacts of smoke-free legislation on hospitality employees and industries has centered on developed countries, the research on the effects of smoking bans in transition countries has received very little attention. Hoping to assist in filling this void, this research empirically explores the relationships among(More)
According to the interaction of inflation and unemployment, expectation of the rate of inflation in Croatia is estimated. The interaction between inflation and unemployment is shown by model based on three first-order differential i.e. difference equations: Phillips relation, adaptive expectations equation and monetary-policy equation. The resulting(More)
This paper deals with modeling volatility of returns of Pliva stocks on Zagreb Stock Exchange for Value at Risk forecasting. Volatility reaction and volatility persistence are measured using asymmetric GARCH process. Croatian capital market characteristic is absence of intensive reaction on "good" information. But it is confirmed that Pliva stocks(More)
The main aim of this paper is to investigate the characteristics of Central and East European (CEE) countries considering their choice of an intermediate target of the monetary policy strategy. A theoretical choice of the intermediate target of the monetary policy strategy refers to inflation targeting, exchange rate targeting and monetary targeting, with(More)
Performing business according to contemporary requirements influences companies for continuous usage of modern managerial tools, such as a human resource information system (HRIS) and electronic recruitment (ER). Human resources have been recognised as curtail resources and the main source of a competitive advantage in creation of successful business(More)