Snježana Rimac-Drlje

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In this article we present an algorithm for automatic detection of surface defects on ceramic tiles. This algorithm is based on the probabilistic neural network with radial basis. To improve sensitivity of the detection procedure an image of the tile is divided into segments and one neural network is made for each segment. The discrete wavelet transform(More)
In this paper, urban three state fade (UTSF) model is proposed to describe the deterioration of the satellite positioning signals in urban areas. The winter case study confirms the validity of GPS propagation models and adds a new insight to understanding of GPS performance in urban environment. Results are well correlated with the proposed statistical(More)
Modern video recording devices record high resolution video material, and for efficient storage and transmission the video file size should be reduced by encoding. Depending on the content, decreasing the temporal or spatial resolution of a video signal before the encoding and increasing after the decoding can ensure higher sequence quality than compression(More)
Importance of compression in the field of digital image processing is growing due to the increasing amount and resolution of images. Research on lossy image compression based on partial differential equations (PDEs) is still a subject of ongoing research. One way of determining efficiency of a lossy compression method is to quantify the reconstruction error(More)
Standard called MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG DASH) was developed in order to ensure that the end user shall be given the best possible quality of requested content under certain network conditions. DASH is used to notify the user that there are several transmission streams with different quality levels available. Bitrate adaptation(More)
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