Snigdha Madhab Ghosh

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We describe a mouse strain in which B cell development relies either on the expression of membrane-bound immunoglobulin (Ig) gamma1 or mu heavy chains. Progenitor cells expressing gamma1 chains from the beginning generate a peripheral B cell compartment of normal size with all subsets, but a partial block is seen at the pro- to pre-B cell transition.(More)
CD22 is an inhibitory co-receptor of B cell receptor (BCR)-mediated signalling which binds specifically to glycan ligands containing alpha2,6-linked sialic acids. This interaction modulates the CD22 activity by an unknown mechanism. Mice deficient for ST6GalI, the enzyme that generates alpha2,6-linked sialic acids, show an immunodeficient and opposing(More)
CD22 is an inhibitory coreceptor for B cell receptor (BCR) signaling. The inhibition is most likely mediated by activation of SHP-1. We found that SLP65/BLNK reaches maximal tyrosine-phosphorylation at earlier time points in CD22(-/-) than in wild type B cells upon BCR cross-linking, suggesting that SLP65/BLNK is a substrate of SHP-1. However, in contrast(More)
Although esterification of free cholesterol to cholesteryl ester in the liver is known to be catalyzed by the enzyme acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase, ACAT, the neutral cholesteryl ester hydrolase (nCEH) that catalyzes the reverse reaction has remained elusive. Because cholesterol undergoes continuous cycling between free and esterified forms,(More)
Taking an effective ρππ interaction, the self energy of ρ at finite temperature in an arbitrary external magnetic field is calculated using the real time formalism of thermal field theory. The effect of temperature and magnetic field on the in-medium spectral functions are studied. The effective mass and dispersion relations are evaluated from the pole of(More)
A cold-labile glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH, EC has been purified to homogeneity from the crude extracts of Azospirillum brasilense. The purified enzyme shows a dual coenzyme specificity, and both the NADPH and NADH-dependent activities are equally cold-sensitive. The enzyme is highly specific for the substrates 2-oxoglutarate and glutamate. Kinetic(More)
400 Abstract— Emotion detection recognition in physiological signal and categorization their of, is very challenging. There are many methods for detecting the emotional features from physiological and ECG is one of them. In this paper we have analyzed sixteen ECG signals of two different groups and tried to find some similarities among the same group and(More)