Snezana Radovanovic

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We have tested the hypothesis that agonist and antagonist muscle fatigue could affect the final position of rapid, discrete movements. Six subjects performed consecutive elbow flexion and extension movements between two targets, with their eyes closed prior to, and after fatiguing the elbow extensor muscles. The results demonstrate that elbow extension(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of agonist and antagonist muscle fatigue on the performance of rapid, self-terminating movements. Six subjects performed rapid, consecutive elbow flexion and extension movements between two targets prior to and after fatiguing either the elbow flexor or elbow extensor muscles. The experiments demonstrated(More)
Changes in responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) during submaximal isometric voluntary contraction (60% of maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) of the adductor pollicis muscle and the subsequent recovery period have been studied in healthy volunteers. TMS at twice the motor threshold was applied during the sustained contraction, as well as at(More)
Responses of fusimotor neurons to lengthening vs isometric contractions have been studied in decerebrate cats. Spike discharges of fusimotor neurons to the medial gastrocnemius muscle were recorded from this muscle nerve filament during sequences of contractions and/or stretches of the lateral gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. The sequences lasted for(More)
Effects of low- and high-frequency fatigue were studied on muscle dynamics in isometric conditions of the cat gastrocnemius. Fatiguing sessions consisted of 25-28 repetitions of the standard tests that included an 18-s interval of continuous frequency-modulated stimulation preceded and followed by single stimuli evoking twitch contractions. The rate of the(More)
Changes in the compound muscle action potentials of cat gastrocnemius muscle were studied during low- and high-frequency fatigue. Fatiguing session consisted of 25-28 repetitions of the standard single fatigue tests (1.5min interval between the tests) that included the part of continuous frequency-modulated stimulation preceded and followed by single(More)
The number of smokers in the world is about 1.4 billion and projections are that this number is going to reach about 1.8 billion by the year 2030 (Bosdriesz et al., 2014). In many countries, smoking is known to be the single biggest source of inequalities in mortality and morbidity among the rich and the poor (Yamada et al., 2013). Some independent studies(More)
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The present work was designed to check for the possibility of interactions between mechanical innocuous and chemically induced noxious muscle afferent inputs on discharge behavior of nociceptive superficial dorsal horn neurons (SDHNs) of the spinal cord in decerebrated cats. The innocuous and noxious stimuli were applied separately and in combination, so(More)
The effects of prior vibration of the antagonist triceps muscle on the performance of rapid discrete elbow flexion movements were studied in healthy volunteers. The subjects performed 520 movements over five experimental sessions. The application of prior vibration resulted in a shift of the initial position, an undershoot of the final position in untrained(More)