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The medical diagnosis process can be interpreted as a decision making process, during which the physician induces the diagnosis of a new and unknown case from an available set of clinical data and from his/her clinical experience. This process can be computerized in order to present medical diagnostic procedures in a rational, objective, accurate and fast(More)
The technic of balloon flotation catheterization represents a significant advance in providing an additional aid to diagnosis, clinical assessment, and management of the critically ill. The fact that such patients are admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) invariably presumes that their management will include close and accurate monitoring of the(More)
Video Surveillance is the system that includes monitoring of the behavioural activities, or other changing information in the videos, usually of people for the purpose of protecting, influencing, directing, and managing. The development video of surveillance systems have recently captured the interest of both research and industrial worlds due to abnormal(More)
The Data Stream in dynamic and emerging environment such as e-commerce, financial data analysis, sensor systems, social networking and many more fields, that possess distribution. The term concepts refer to the whole distribution of the problem in a certain point in time and hence the concept drift represents a change in distribution of the problem. Data(More)
Outlier is defined as an observation that deviates extensively from other observations. The identification of outliers can lead to the discovery of useful and meaningful knowledge. Outlier detection has been widely studied in the past decades. Most refined methods in data mining address this issue to some extent, but not fully, and can be improved by(More)
Clustering analysis is one of the important concept of data mining. Many researchers are focus on the clustering problem it is one of the research based criteria. The clustering is belongs to the unsupervised learning in which teacher is absent. This paper shows to analysis the clustering problem. clustering is the data mining concept in which grouping are(More)
Data mining is the application of statistical techniques and programmatic algorithms to discover previously unnoticed relationships within the data. With the development of software and hardware, video surveillance systems have been not only widely used in the security realm, but also in daily life in hotels, supermarkets, banks, schools and so on. These(More)
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