Snehapreethi Gopinath

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The Cache-and-Forward (CNF) protocol architecture was proposed to support efficient mobile content delivery services in the future Internet. In contrast to the TCP/IP protocol stack which is based upon the assumption of reliable end-to-end path through the network, the CNF architecture considers varying access link speed/quality and periods of disconnection(More)
This paper presents a novel storage aware routing (STAR) protocol designed to provide a general networking solution over a broad range of mobile and wireless scenarios. STAR enables routing policies which adapt seamlessly from a well-connected wired network to a disconnected wireless network using a 2-Dl routing metric composed of a short and a long term(More)
—Images and videos on webs and in databases are increasing. It is a pressing task to develop effective methods to manage and retrieve these multimedia resources by their content. Text, which carries high-level semantic information, is a kind of important object that is useful for this task.When a machine generated text is printed against clean backgrounds,(More)
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