Snehamoy Chatterjee

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Rock-type classification is a challenging and difficult job due to the heterogeneous properties of rocks. In this paper, an image-based rock-type analysis and classification method is proposed. The study was conducted at a limestone mine in western India using stratified random sampling from a case study mine. The analysis of collected sample images was(More)
Measuring the quality parameters ofmaterials atmines is difficult and a costly job. In this paper, an image analysis-basedmethod is proposed efficiently and cost effectively that determines the quality parameters of material. The image features are extracted from the samples collected from amine and modeled using neural networks against the actual grade(More)
This paper proposed a Bayesian method-based structural equation model (SEM) of miners' work injury for an underground coal mine in India. The environmental and behavioural variables for work injury were identified and causal relationships were developed. For Bayesian modelling, prior distributions of SEM parameters are necessary to develop the model. In(More)
The present study attempts to develop a machine vision system for continuous monitoring of grades of iron ores during transportation through conveyor belts. The machine vision system was developed using the support vector regression (SVR) algorithm. A radial basis function (RBF) kernel was used for the development of optimized hyperplane by transforming(More)
A reliability analysis of a dumper machine is performed using the neural network model. A metaheuristic algorithm is applied for proper parameter selection for the neural network. A time series approach is applied in the reliability analysis to forecast the dumper’s future failure time. The time series analysis is performed using the neural network model,(More)
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