Snehal Thakkar

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Tumor lysis syndrome is an oncologic emergency that is characterized by severe electrolyte abnormalities and, frequently, by acute renal failure. The syndrome typically occurs in patients with lymphoproliferative malignancies, most often after initiation of treatment. The pathophysiology involves massive tumor cell lysis resulting in the release of large(More)
The power of web services can only be realized when web services are utilized as building blocks to dynamically compose new web services. The Building Finder application is an example application that integrates information from several web services by modeling the web services as information sources in a mediator-based architecture. The paper also(More)
Building Finder uses semantic Web technologies to integrate different data types from various online data sources. The application's use of the RDF and RDF data query language makes it usable by computer agents as well as human users. An agent would send a query, expressed in terms of its preferred ontology (schema), to a system that would then find and(More)
In this paper we show how data integration techniques can be used to automatically compose new web services from existing web services. A key challenge is to optimize the execution of the composed web services. We introduce a novel technique termed tuple-level filtering that optimizes the execution of the composed web services by reducing the number of web(More)
PURPOSE Although most classical Hodgkin's lymphoma (CHL) patients are cured, a significant minority fails primary therapy and may die as a result of their disease. Age, stage, and other basic clinical and laboratory parameters, which comprise the International Prognostic Score (IPS), are used at diagnosis to predict outcome. To date, there is no consensus(More)
Web services enable the user to integrate and manipulate data from distributed data sources without worrying about the underlying syntactical details. We describe extensions to the view integration approach to support dynamic integration of data from web services and support dynamic composition of web services from existing web services. In particular, we(More)
The emergence of a large number of bioinformatics datasets on the Internet has resulted in the need for flexible and efficient approaches to integrate information from multiple bioinformatics data sources and services. In this paper, we present our approach to automatically generate composition plans for web services, optimize the composition plans, and(More)
BACKGROUND Predictors of outcome and rates of successful discharge have not been defined for patients with acute leukemia admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) in the US. METHODS This is a retrospective analysis of 90 patients with acute leukemia (no history of bone marrow transplant) admitted to an ICU from 2001-2004. The primary endpoints were(More)
BACKGROUND Lenalidomide (LEN) is a structural and functional analogue of thalidomide that has demonstrated enhanced immunomodulatory properties and a more favorable toxicity profile. A Phase II, open-label study of LEN in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) was conducted to determine its safety and clinical activity. METHODS Patients with(More)
Many organizations envision web services as an enabling component of Internet-scale computing. A final vision of web services is to realize a dynamic environment that identifies, composes and executes web services in response to a query. This vision shapes the design and implementation of Proteus. In addition to describing Proteus’ novel components, this(More)