Snehal Thakkar

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The emergence of a large number of bioinformatics datasets on the Internet has resulted in the need for flexible and efficient approaches to integrate information from multiple bioinformatics data sources and services. In this paper, we present our approach to automatically generate composition plans for web services, optimize the composition plans, and(More)
from Microsoft Research. 2 Proteus is a Greek sea god with the ability to change shape at will and predict the future. Abstract Many organizations envision web services as an enabling component of Internet-scale computing. A final vision of web s ervices is to realize a dynamic environment that identifies, composes and executes web services in response to a(More)
Recent growth of the geospatial information on the web has made it possible to easily access various maps and orthoimagery. By integrating these maps and imagery, we can create intelligent images that combine the visual appeal and accuracy of imagery with the detailed attribution information often contained in diverse maps. However, accurately integrating(More)
Recent growth of the geo-spatial information on the web has made it possible to easily access a wide variety of spatial data. By integrating these spatial datasets, one can support a rich set of queries that could not have been answered given any of these sets in isolation. However, accurately integrating geo-spatial data from different data sources is a(More)
Grid technologies provide a robust infrastructure for distributed computing, and are widely used in large-scale scientific applications that generate terabytes (soon petabytes) of data. These data are described with metadata attributes about the data properties and provenance, and are organized in a variety of metadata catalogs distributed over the grid. In(More)
Many Geographic Information System (GIS) applications require the conversion of an address to geographic coordinates. This process is called geocoding. The traditional geocoding method uses a street vector data source, such as, Tigerlines, to obtain address range and coordinates of the street segment on which the given address is located. Next, an(More)
XML, web services, and the semantic web have opened the door for new and exciting information-integration applications. Information sources on the web are controlled by different organizations or people, utilize different text formats, and have varying inconsistencies. Therefore, any system that integrates information from different data sources must(More)
The rapid increase in the availability of geospatial data has motivated the effort to seamlessly integrate this information into an information-rich and realistic 3D environment. However, heterogeneous data sources with varying degrees of consistency and accuracy pose a challenge to such efforts. We describe the Geospatial Decision Making (GeoDec) system,(More)