Snehal M. Kamlapur

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Distributed computing system (DCS) is the collection of heterogeneous and geographically dispersed computing nodes. Nodes co-operatively work to complete the task in the DCS. But because of the dynamic nature of DCS, nodes may fail randomly thus performance is an important factor to be considered. In order to achieve improved performance resource management(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore the fundamentals of six sigma and its use in education. Six sigma is a set of methodologies used by businesses to achieve extremely low failure rates in any process. Similarly it can be used to achieve overall excellence in the field of education. Six sigma is a unified approach to process excellence. The strategy(More)
Data mining is a process of extracting knowledge from large amount of data. In recent year privacy preserving data mining has been developed by research community working on knowledge modification and security. The collected data sample may be leaked while residing in storage or stolen anytime during the storing process. Hence protections of such data(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is motivated by the social behavior of individual in a group. The trajectory of the particles in PSO show that a particle catches a wave during the search. This paper analyzes the trajectory of a particle in PSO with and without construction coefficient. The particles follow the path defined by sinusoidal wave while(More)
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