Sneha Vishnampet Viswanathan

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The impact of oxides of nitrogen (NO(x)) emissions from motor vehicles to the air quality in city-state Singapore is analyzed using AIRVIRO, a regional scale dispersion model developed by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. In a predominantly urban location like Singapore, it is difficult to separate out the contribution of pollutants(More)
We are all aware of growing environmental concerns, and the need to provide new and improved means for maintaining a healthy environment. Pesticides are the only toxic chemicals released intentionally into the environment to kill living organisms. Pesticide detection and destruction has become a very important and inevitable area of research because of the(More)
The electrochemical oxidation and adsorption of dapsone, an anti-leprotic drug were studied in aqueous alcohol medium at a stationary glassy carbon electrode. Cyclic voltammetry studies showed one well-defined oxidation peak in the potential range 1.2-1.9 V at pH conditions 1.0, 4.0, 7.0, 9.2 and 13.0. The oxidation was irreversible and exhibited diffusion(More)
Electrochemical treatment can solve the problems arising due to effluents and offer an effective alternative to the existing methods. An undivided static electrolyser was charged with distillery effluent and the organics were oxidized electrochemically. Anodized graphite plate anodes and graphite cathodes were used for the treatment of distillery effluent.(More)
Redox behavior of three pollutants, namely endosulfan (EN), o-chlorophenol (OCP) and direct orange 8 (DO8) were investigated electrochemically using sodium montmorillonite clay modified glassy carbon electrode. Influence of pH, scan rate and concentration were studied on the voltammetric response. Suitable medium for the electrochemical studies of EN was pH(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term care (LTC) facilities are an important part of the health care industry, providing care to the fastest-growing group of the population. However, the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) in LTC facilities lags behind other areas of the health care industry. One of the reasons for the lack of widespread adoption in the United(More)
The goal of this paper is to compare the amortized cost of electricity from two different types of solar thermal energy technologies with the cost of electricity from a coal-fired power plant utilizing newly developed carbon capture (amine-scrubbing) technology. Coal, natural gas, and nuclear fuels are the dominant sources of electrical energy in the United(More)
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