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Two pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] genotypes, a salt tolerant Manak and a salt sensitive ICPL 88039 were subjected to stress treatment of 3 mM boron, 60 mM NaCl and boron + NaCl at the seedling stage. Radicle and plumule proteins were analyzed by SDS-PAGE. Boron treatment increased 28.3 kDa proteins in plumule and 38.3 and 51.9 kDa proteins in(More)
This paper proposes a supervised change detection technique for multitemporal remote sensing images. The technique is presented after studying three different models for change detection using neural network and assimilating the unique feature of each of the model. The technique is based on Hopfield neural network modified to model spatial correlation(More)
This paper presents the uncovered facts about control rectifiers based AC-DC systems using experimental investigation under various dynamic and steady state practical loading conditions at different nature of loads. The facts presented in this paper are very useful for the industries which are using controlled rectifiers based systems, battery charging(More)
In this paper no-load robustness analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based drives using four phases 8/6 poles Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM). Models of SR motor, AI based controllers i.e. fuzzy, ANN & ANFIS and AI based angle estimators i.e. fuzzy, ANN & ANFIS were developed and integrated as fuzzy-fuzzy, ANNANN & ANFIS-ANFIS SRM drives. Simulation(More)
This paper summarizes the effect of age, gender and race on Electrocardiographic parameters. The conduction system and heart muscles get degenerative changes with advancing age so these parameters get changed. The ECG parameters also changes under certain diseases. Then it is essential to know the normal limits of these parameters for diagnostic purpose(More)
Faba bean, formerly broad bean, is gaining importance as a grain legume for protein security of demographically expanding and climatically changing world. Yield instability, however, remains major constraint in the cultivation of this important crop and it is contributing to significant decrease in acreage under this crop worldwide. Exploitation of(More)
This paper focuses on design of simple edge-fed patch-antenna and experimentally studied on IE3D, simulation by Zeland Software, for WLAN systems at frequency 2.483GHz. Patch Antennas widely used in a different useful application, because of their low profile and weight, conformability & easy realization. In this simple edge-fed patch antenna is also(More)
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